At PhonoMondo we create elite customized audio experiences.
Our premium music solutions link the world's luxury brands with their customers.

The power of music lies in its subtlety. It bypasses the resistance of the mind and targets the receptiveness of the soul. For example when people are made to feel good - say, visiting a website - they associate a sense of 'good' to that website. They like it. Remember it. Go back to it.

Our specialized Music Retention Marketing builds a bridge to loyalty. And loyalty is what keeps brands alive.


You have a unique brand. We translate that brand into a "magnetic" memorable music experience for your customers. With the convergence of art and science, through the innovative use of music and technology we merge "the seen" into "the heard".

PhonoMondo is the Haute Couture of music solution providers. We work with the "crème de la crème" the music industry has to offer, to ensure that our clients customized music experiences is of the highest quality.

We specialize in what we define as Music Retention Marketing (MRM): In today's modern world your brand and how customers perceive and remember your brand is vital. In many ways we are our own brands. Our clothes, our hair, our way of walking, talking, living - all of those elements are unique. Companies are no different. Each one has a brand all its own. PhonoMondo translates that image into a musical identity that speaks to the soul.

How we work

Throughout the world our exclusive clients have one thing in common. A desire to build their Audio Identity with a company who knows how to do it.

Working with our clients to provide solutions wherever music is needed, we apply the latest in audio science and technology; work only with the best of the best in the music industry, to ensure that our clients customized music solutions have an enduring impact on their customers.

With sound as our medium, we capture the emotional power of music and put it to work for your business. The process is a simple and collaborative progression that ultimately brings the emotion and energy of your business and brand to life in an Audio Image. Our customized audio solutions provide lasting touch of elegance and style to your business with "chic" top quality music.

The fundamental element of every Music Retention Marketing process is your brand. We need to understand your business. Your look, feel, personality, how you present yourself to your customers... knowing what you're all about is essential in determining the music that creates the right Audio Image for your business.
Knowing you. Knowing your customer. With that knowledge we start molding the feel and sound of your unique music brand.


A music experience that is as unique as your brand. Our custom Music Retention Marketing solutions start with you, and bring the personality of your business to life in sound. We work with you in designing a custom music solution that's exclusive to your brand.

What does your business sound like? Is it a smooth jazz? Do your customers identify with the dance? Or are you trying to create a specific atmosphere? Maybe you're simply looking for the right combination of music for that specific theme in your hotel, store, or on your website.

Your customers deserve an amazing captivating audio experience online or off. There's no better way to create the right environment than with the right music.

Hand-in-hand with your personal "Music Consultant" we work to capture the essence and sound of your brand and business. We blend modern dance, lounge, rock and indie etc - or whatever unique combination of sounds works for your business and your customers.

A custom sound adventure that's like nothing you've ever heard before

web audio

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Take your Audio Identity online by adding custom music to your website.
In today's competitive online market place our specialized streaming audio services are specifically designed to expose and keep your brand in front of your customers for as long as possible.
Our unique approach to providing audio streaming services on your website will make a lasting impact on your site visitors, create lasting brand awareness and differentiating your website from your competitors.

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In-House Audio

Music is the language of the heart; it commences where speech ends.

Using music to create the right atmosphere or theme in your hotel, restaurant and store not only makes a lasting impact on your customers but also helps generate repeat business and additional revenue streams.
Our customized music solutions make the management and distribution of music throughout your business as painless and simple as possible. Using the latest in internet and wireless technology our innovative approach to the digital delivery of your customized music experience ensures that the music your customers hear is always fresh and vibrant.

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compilation CDs

From custom CDs that capture the essence of your Audio Identity to exclusive collections of themed compilations and everything in between.

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music downloads

Take advantage of the popularity of digital music downloads, and drive traffic to your website. The sky's the limit, with music from your unique Audio Identity.

With our digital download services we can build and customize a unique MP3 store that fits your branding and enables you to generate additional revenue from your Audio Identity. We even assist in planning exclusive titles for specific events.

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delivery & support


Different businesses have different needs. That's why we deliver our music solutions in a variety of ways. Our delivery solutions are designed to minimize your headaches and maximize the benefits you derive from your music experience. We offer a variety of technology needs and price points. Speak with your PhonoMondo representative about the right solution for you.


Behind our creativity is an infrastructure that keeps it on track. Expert production. Sophisticated and reliable delivery platforms... They're all here.

Your business benefits from professional support every step of the way. Our clients benefit from special attention from a personal account manager, a dedicated audio architect all working to ensure that every experience we create is consistent at each of your locations online or off.

When you work with PhonoMondo, you rest easy knowing you are working with the best in the industry.


Contact PhonoMondo and discover how creating an Audio Identity for your business can revolutionize the way your customers perceive and remember your brand.

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